The Full Story

About Rosalie

Creating, designing and making with fabric has always been something I have done. But it was not until 2016 when tragedy changed my life beyond recognition, that I realised how important it was to my wellbeing.

"Creativity saved my life.

The ability to love saves me every day."

Robin of Magnolia Pearl


My mission is to bring beauty into a world that I have personally experienced as dark & cruel. Through my work I create a product of value, of quality, of authenticity. Gifts for the home, for loved ones or simply for you, because you deserve beautiful things in your life...

Each gift is handmade with dedication and love to bring joy to the recipient.


I stand against mass production by shopping locally, I value my home, freshly cooked meals with natural local ingredients, nature & protection of Mother Earth, through upcycling.

 Simple living in comfort, with quality furnishings that enhance our well being, through the therapeutic use of colour and the art of Feng Shui...